Got A Minute

Got A Minute- Is God Speaking to you?

Do you have one plan, but God is calling you to do something totally different?

Got A Minute- Waiting for an answer to prayer?

Maybe God has already answered your prayer request.

Got A Minute- What would you do?

Sometimes it's easy to just say you'll love your neighbor as yourself, but would you actually do it in stressful situations?

Got A Minute- What's the Rush?

Why are we always in such a hurry? Is that any way to develop a relationship?

Got A Minute- The Proper Ingredients

Let God do His job. We just have to do our part.

Got A Minute- On your Knees

Give control to Him and be on your knees. His Word changes you from the inside out.

Got A Minute- Give Thanks in ALL things

Do you complain a lot? God says, Give Thanks!

Got A Minute- Be a Cheerleader

Do you think Jesus could've been a Cheerleader?

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