Got A Minute

Got A Minute-Look for Common Ground

Focus on what you have in common with others.

Got A Minute- Prayer at the meal

Is your prayer at mealtime just a "routine?"

Got A Minute- Got worms?

Don't cover up the problem. You might need to dig a little.

Got A Minute- Bumper Stickers!!

Do you do what your Bumper Sticker says?

Got A Minute- Don't Give Up on people.

It's frustrating when loved ones reject the Gospel. God reminds us to not give up on them

Got A Minute- Don't be like other Christians!

Our goal is not to be like other Christians. Our goal is much higher.

Got A Minute- Time for Checkup?

Are you as reluctant to get a Spiritual checkup as you are a Physical one?

Got A Minute- Don't Neglect Your Time with God

When you "let things go", they really can just go!

Got A Minute- Do Your Best

God wants us to use the gifts He gave us. Do your best and you may surprise yourself.

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