Got A Minute

Got A Minute- Listen

God gave us 2 ears and only 1 mouth for a reason. Right?

Got A Minute- Quiz time!

See if you can identify this object. If you can, it could change your life.

Got A Minute- A Child's Guide on How to Comfort the Hurting

Sometimes a child has just the right formula on how to comfort a broken heart.

Got A Minute- Why go to Church

Have you ever thought that going to church was a waste of your time? Listen to this illustration.

Got A Minute-Angels in the Alley

Remember the importance of Prayer. Plus, remember you have angels.

Got A Minute-Advice for a Great Marriage

How can you make sure your marriage will last forever.

Got A Minute- Let your words be the truth

Have you ever told that "little" lie. Be careful.

Got A Minute- Prayer for folks affected by Sandy

We continue to pray for people who need physical and spiritual strength right now.

Got A Minute- Wife vs. Husband

Real life story about how a wife may look at things differently than her husband.

Got A Minute-A Bucket of Money

Do people see the REAL you? Are you putting on a false front?