Got A Minute

Artist Interview-Rush Of Fools(Wes Willis)

Rush Of Fools song "Lay Me Down" is on the latest WOW Worship CD.

Artist Interview-City Harbor

Molly, from City Harbor talks about how she and Robby got together to form the group and how City Harbor got its name.

Artist Interview- Love and the Outcome

Husband and Wife team Chris and Jodi talk about the journey of Love and the Outcome. It's an incredible story of total surrender to Jesus. Family Life's Steve Smith talks with the fun couple as they ride in their tour bus in North Carolina.

Artist Interview: Phil Vischer(Buck Denver)

Phil helped create Veggie Tales and now, Buck Denver and his cast of characters. Phil talks about his philosophy with Kids programming and also introduces JellyTelly.

Unspoken: The World is Waking

Rachelle Renee` from the Family Life Mornings gives Chad, the lead singer from the group "Unspoken", a call about their newest album, "The World is Waking."

Artist Interview- All Things New

Garrett Hornbuckle, lead vocalist of All Things New, talks about how he started his musical journey and the new CD titled "All Things New".

Artist Interview- Francesca Battistelli

Francesca talks with Family Life's Steve Smith about her influences in Christian music growing up and her sometimes not so glamorous life on the road. Francesca will be in concert on April 18 in Blakely, Pa at the Peckville Assembly of God.

Sanctus Real's Matt Hammitt

Matt Hammitt talks about Sanctus Real's new CD "Run," his son Bowen's progress and their bus fire that happened last Spring.

Artist Interview- Colton Dixon

American Idol alum, Colton Dixon has a new CD, "A Messenger".(Release date 1/29). Family Life Morning Show's Steve Smith chats with Colton about the new CD, his American Idol experience, and even his well known hair style and how he gets it to look that way.

Artist Interview- Michael O'Brien-Former Lead Singer from Newsong

Michael O'Brien and his wife Heidi will perform at a Dinner/Concert at the Family Life Center in Bath, NY on February 8 and 9. Michael talks with Family Life's Steve Smith about how God saved a marriage that was falling apart. He also describes the fun date night you can have at the Family Life ...