Got A Minute

Got A Minute-Dots and Doughnut Holes

Which part of life takes most of your attention?

Got A Minute- Listen to your inner GPS

Do you need directions on the road and in your life?

Got A Minute-What's Behind the Label?

Just because it's visible on the label, it doesn't mean it's up to God's standards.

Got A Minute- God shows His Strength through your weakness

Instead of focusing on your weakness, focus on God's strength.

Got A Minute-What are you Advertising?

You see advertising everywhere these days. You are a walking advertisement.

Got A Minute-Many ways to magnify our Lord.

Here's just a few ways to magnify our Lord with your body.

Got A Minute- God's Dream is bigger than yours

Can you dream big? Make sure it's God's intent for you and not your own idea. There's a BIG difference.

Got A Minute- Is God Speaking to you?

Do you have one plan, but God is calling you to do something totally different?

Got A Minute- Waiting for an answer to prayer?

Maybe God has already answered your prayer request.

Got A Minute- What would you do?

Sometimes it's easy to just say you'll love your neighbor as yourself, but would you actually do it in stressful situations?

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