Got A Minute

Got A Minute- Dance with God!

Have you ever looked closely at the word GUIDANCE? Look closer, and listen.

Got A Minute- Mary or Martha?

Are you too busy serving? Are you missing out on something better?

Got A Minute- Unity in the Church

Personal convictions should not divide a church.

Got A Minute- Don't Worry about Tomorrow

God makes it very clear about what we should do about the concerns of tomorrow.

Got A Minute- Are you Fearless?

Are you bold and fearless for God, or a little wimpy at times?

Got A Minute- Doing Our Part

Prayer is important, but God wants your action behind the prayer.

Got A Minute-Prayer is more than the results

When you pray, it's not just about what happens later.

Got A Minute- Our Work Versus Our Value

God gave man work to do, but if the work becomes a priority, it becomes a problem.

Got A Minute- God, help me!!

Do you ask for God's help, just when you're in trouble?

Got A Minute- Tuesday of Holy Week

Follow along as we trace the path of Jesus on Tuesday of Holy Week.

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