Got A Minute

Got A Minute- God's Embroidery

God has a better view of your life.

Got A Minute - Proud of Her Daddy

A little girl sees Jesus change her daddy.

Got a Minute - Words to the Wise

God's Word is the standard, but there are some others God would enjoy.

Got a Minute - Strong versus Strength

The words are similar, but so different in how God sees them.

Got A Minute - A 5 year old's Thanksgiving Prayer

A Thanksgiving Prayer around the table, as a 5 year old sees it.

Got A Minute - God's Whisper

Have you taken time lately to hear God's still, small voice?

Got a Minute - Guidance from God

Do you see God in the word "guidance?" Listen and you just might.

Got a Minute - Christian Pumpkins

If someone asks you what it's like to be a Christian, maybe you can point to the simple object lesson of the pumpkin.

Got a Minute - TV Guide vs. Bible

A Bible and a TV Guide sit side by side on a coffee table. Which has more impact on a family's life?