Got A Minute

Got A Minute - God's Whisper

Have you taken time lately to hear God's still, small voice?

Got a Minute - Guidance from God

Do you see God in the word "guidance?" Listen and you just might.

Got a Minute - Christian Pumpkins

If someone asks you what it's like to be a Christian, maybe you can point to the simple object lesson of the pumpkin.

Got a Minute - TV Guide vs. Bible

A Bible and a TV Guide sit side by side on a coffee table. Which has more impact on a family's life?

Got a Minute - An 8 Year Old Sees God

Things would be simpler if we could see God the way and 8 year old does.

Got A Minute - Gift of Forgiveness

Baseball star Josh Hamilton knows all about forgiveness. He recently received another gift of it.

Got A Minute - Different Kind of Ticket

A ticket would have been easy to take, after being caught speeding. Instead, Jack receives a new perspective on life, and a lead foot.

Got A Minute - Sitting in the Aisle

God isn't concerned with how we dress, or the formality of religion. He is concerned with how we act though.

Got A Minute - Too Busy For God?

It doesn't take much for us to take our attention off God. Just look at how the distractions of daily life have affected our spiritual journey.

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