Got A Minute

Got A Minute-Pray for our Leaders

Revival in our nation begins with us!

Got A Minute- Topics for the Kids,,,and YOU

Some sample "open ended" questions for you and kids. Try some.

Got A Minute- In ALL that you do.

Are you acknowledging Him in ALL you do and say?

Got A Minute- Awesome Opportunities

In James, the Word tells us to count it as joy when you face trials. With God, all things are possible. Maybe your trial is just an opportunity in disguise.

Got A Minute-Happiness comes from Giving

A lady learns a valuable lesson about true happiness.

Got A Minute- Most Important Test Question

A college student learns all the answers are not in the text book.

Got A Minute- Bart Millard's Spiritual Lesson

Bart Millard of mercyme talks about his spiritual journey through his 100 pound weight loss.

Got A Minute- No Fear

God has not given us a spirit of fear. We can learn from a 7 year old.

Got A Minute- The Paradox of Freedom

Discipline, ironically, is the price of freedom.

Got A Minute- Faith is Letting Go

Are your circumstances getting in the way of your faith?