Got A Minute

Got A Minute- Prayer for folks affected by Sandy

We continue to pray for people who need physical and spiritual strength right now.

Got A Minute- Wife vs. Husband

Real life story about how a wife may look at things differently than her husband.

Got A Minute-A Bucket of Money

Do people see the REAL you? Are you putting on a false front?

Got A Minute-Letter to Little League Parents

St. Louis Cardinals Manager Mike Matheny was once a Little League Manager. This is a must read for all parents.

Got A Minute- Don't Waste Your Gifts

Pray for God to empower the gifts He's given you.

Got A Minute- Kids and Peer Pressure

Ways to give your kids the gift of "Counter-pressure".

Got A Minute- Memorable Church Signs

You've all seen the clever Church signs as you drive by a local church. Here are some memorable ones.

Got A Minute-Pray for our Leaders

Revival in our nation begins with us!

Got A Minute- Topics for the Kids,,,and YOU

Some sample "open ended" questions for you and kids. Try some.

Got A Minute- In ALL that you do.

Are you acknowledging Him in ALL you do and say?

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