Family Life Podcasts

She Says 9: Spiritual Disciplines

12.23.09 | She Says

The She Says crew brainstorms about spiritual disciplines and ways to walk closer with God.

New FLN Listener Advisory Panel

12.21.09 | Cecil Van Houten

Program Director Cecil Van Houten talks about the new FLN Listener Advisory Panel – what it is and how you can become a part of it

She Says 8: Forgiveness

12.13.09 | She Says

She Says talks about today the concept of forgiveness and forgetting. The She Says women get up close and personal about this issue and share from their hearts.

Mike Huckabee Podcast / 12-8-09

12.08.09 | Cecil Van Houten

Cecil talks with Gov. Mike Huckabee about the true meaning of the Christmas season and his new book, "A Simple Christmas."

Interview With She Says: 12-2-09

12.02.09 | She Says

What place do role models have in our culture?  Is it important to have a role model or two in your life?