Family Life Podcasts

Morning Show: The Legend of TAPS

11.11.10 | Jean Hetherington's played at every military funeral and often heard on Veteran's Day as we salute our fallen heroes. A legend has developed around the history of "Taps" that is interesting even if it's not true....or is it?

2010 Christmas Music Preview

11.10.10 | Cecil Van Houten

Hear about Christmas music past and present. Plus, get a preview of several new Christmas records for 2010.

She Says 24: Apologizing

11.10.10 | She Says

There's more to it than we think!

Carol Kent's Grace Place

11.03.10 | Terese Main

After her son murdered the father of his step-daughters, Carol Kent's world was turned upside down. Through it all, her family has sought the cross. Jason Kent now serves the Lord in prison ministry, and Carol has a new book, called "Between and Rock and a Grace Place." In it, she ...

A Short History of the Privilege to Vote

11.02.10 | Jean Hetherington

Our privilege to vote was paid for in blood - even after the Revolutionary War was over. Jean gives us a summary of the human cost for the right to choose our governing leaders.