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Family Life Report: 1-26-11

01.26.11 | Rick Snavely

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Morning Show: Martin Luther King, Jr.

01.17.11 | Rachelle Renee

Martin Luther King jr. day is celebrated on our calendar annually, but not everyone either remembers why or has a real idea as to what King's influence has brought about for our country let alone the civil rights movement. Here is our tribute to a man with heroic principals and inspiring ...

She Says 26: The Love of God

01.17.11 | She Says

God wants to fill your heart and keep it filled! She Says talks about God's love with special guest April Wright.

Made to Crave

01.12.11 | Terese Main

God created us to crave. But we're supposed to desire Him, not junk food. Through her battle with weight loss, Lysa TerKeurst realized her empty feeling was caused by a lack of real connection to our Lord. By filling her spiritual life, she shed pounds, and felt fuller.