News: Election Analysis - What Now?

11.07.12 | Sarah Harnisch

President Obama will spend another 4 years in the White House. The latest tally has Barack Obama with 303 electoral votes and Mitt Romney, 206 electoral votes. There were 176 initiatives on the ballot, and non-biblical values won out. Tammy Baldwin was elected the first openly gay senator in Wisconsin. Maine and Maryland became the first states to legalize same sex marriage by a popular vote. Washington and Colorado legalized recreational use of marijuana. Where do Christians go from here? Family Life's Sarah Harnisch interviewed Jason McGuire with New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms. He says if Christians want biblical values in the White House and in our state and local governments, they have to live what they believe, instead of being lukewarm.

For more information on New Yorker's For Constitutional Freedoms, go here.


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