Neighborhoods in the Network / Costa Rican Christmas (Horseheads, NY)

12.10.08 | Martha Manikas-Foster

Education in Costa Rica is free, but only if children have the $30 to buy a school uniform. For the parents of Nicaraguan refugees living in Costa Rican squatter villages, the choice is often between a child's education and the family's food supply. Join Martha Manikas-Foster in this "Neighborhoods in the Network" report on how Horseheads, NY resident Cindy Singer is leading a drive to provide uniforms for Costa Rican children---and with the uniforms, an education---by encouraging Americans to purchase uniforms in a loved one's name as Christmas gifts this year.

To contact Cindy Singer about her school uniform initiative, phone (315) 717-5137, or visit her at the Community Mennonite Fellowship bake sale and bazaar in Corning, NY on Saturday, December 13. To learn about the work of the Christian Light Foundation Costa Rica, log onto



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