FL News: Millions Protest Obama's Contraception Mandate

02.22.12 | Sarah Harnisch

In the next day or so, a letter bearing the names of 25-hundred Christian pastors of all denominations across the country will be delivered to President Obama's desk. They are angered over his mandate that all women have access to birth control. Religious groups will not have to pay for it directly, though they may through fees, but they will have to offer it to their employees, even if it goes against their religious beliefs. President Obama has given them a year to comply. In addition to the Family Research Center letter, two groups have sent letters to the President against the contraception mandate. The National Association of Evangelicals and the Southern Baptist Convention represent 50 million Christians in America, one in every six people in the country. Rob Schwarzalder, Family Research Counsel Senior Vice President, helped showcase the letter on the steps of the capitol this week. He spoke with morning news anchor Sarah Harnisch.



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on 02.23.12 Keith commented

I find it interesting that the poll regarding this issue focuses on Evangelicals and Catholic Men, without any input from Catholic Women whom overwhelmingly support this.