Ex Governor Cracks Down on Elder Abuse

05.28.12 | Bob Price

Ex Oklahoma Governor Frank Keating discusses the rise in elder abuse in this country and what can be done to stop it. Keating now heads the American Bankers Association and wants citizens to know what the red flags are.


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on 05.28.12 Debra Z. Ackley commented

Regarding the story on Elder abuse~
PLEASE remind readers that they should HONOR their elders while they are STILL on the planet. Neglect is an abuse too. Memorial Day honors all of our departed , yet seems hypocritical ,when people neglect visiting their senior relatives and friends that live in nursing homes.
If everyone who KNOWS someone in a nursing home, visited that person once a month...then the lives of the residents would be so much brighter.
People need to do this for the sake OF the senior- and because it is the right thing to do for Gods plan for His people.
Thank YOU for your story and a platform for this post (c:

on 05.28.12 Debra Z. Ackley commented

Remind LISTENERS on air (c: