Artist Interview: Plumb (Tiffany Arbuckle-Lee) "I Need You Now."

03.12.13 | Rachelle Renee

Plumb's latest album has been much anticipated and it's finally here! The #1 hit song, "Need You Now," is also the title of the album and has quite a story behind it. Listen here to find out more.


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on 03.13.13 Bridget Snitchler commented

This song has helped me over the last few months in waiting for the possibility and now the actual upcoming Back Surgery. When I could not walk one more step, God gave me STRENGTH TO BREATHE! And the fortitude to make it through one more hour (no pain meds ever prescribed!) and through one more 1/2 day and so on. Others around me looked forward to the calendar date of March 21 (2013), but it won't be real to me until I have to start doing shots in 2 more days. Then I suppose I will have to start the countdown. All along, this song has been a prayer I have sung, not planning the fleeting of time. It has been a good lesson in patience and other godly attributes for me.