Family Life Podcasts

Kid's Corner: Under Construction

06.14.14 | Matt Jackson

God is always working on us and changing us into something beautiful, but as with most construction projects... it can be pretty messy and maybe a little gross. Mr. Jacobs explains on this week's Kid's Corner!

Kid's Corner: Remember

06.07.14 | Matt Jackson

The Kids on the corner learn the importance of remembering what God has taught us.

Kid's Corner: Love is Patient

05.31.14 | Matt Jackson

God made some people one way, and others the direct opposite. The kids ask why that is and learn how we are supposed to respond.

Kid's Corner: Responsibility

05.24.14 | Matt Jackson

Patty wants to get a cat, but doesn't understand why her mom thinks she needs to be responsible. Mr. Jacobs gives a few reasons why Responsibility is important.

Kid's Corner: Concern

We know that worrying is wrong... but is it wrong to be concerned when someone we love is in trouble?

Kid's Corner: The Power of Words

05.10.14 | Matt Jackson

The gang learns how even mean words spoken in private are still dangerous.

Kid's Corner: Bad Teachers

05.03.14 | Matt Jackson

In this episode it's a matter of discernment when the kids learn how to know when we're learning about God and how to follow him.