Family Life Podcasts

Heart Behind the Hymn: I Surrender All

02.07.13 | Rachelle Renee

Judson W. Van Deventer was a gifted artist but as God expounded on his abilities and giftings--Judson was faced with the question: Would he in fact surrender those abilities in service to the Lord?

Heart Behind the Hymn: Love of God

02.05.13 | Rachelle Renee

Frederick M. Lehman heard a poem quoted at a Midwest camp-meeting that would inspire him to write the first two stanzas of the Hymn, "The Love of God."

Heart Behind the Hymn: Victory in Jesus

10.09.12 | Rachelle Renee

written by Eugene Bartlett, was the culminating work for Eugene's career--it was birthed from the inspiration discovered only after a severe stroke left Eugene partially paralyzed.

Heart Behind the Hymn: Tis so Sweet to Trust in Jesus

10.09.12 | Rachelle Renee

written by Louisa Stead, was a result of a choice to trust in the Lord even after the premature and tragic death of her husband.

Heart Behind the Hymn: This is My Fathers World

10.09.12 | Rachelle Renee

written by Maltbie D. Babcock, was written out of Babcock's love of God's creation. He was from Syracuse, NY and was known to take many walks there breathing in God's beauty.

Heart Behind the Hymn: Take My Life

10.09.12 | Rachelle Renee

written by Francis Ridley Havergal, came from the words given to her by Heaven after a confrontational "Come to Jesus" session with 10 of her friends. All of the friends either dedicated or re-dedicated their lives to Christ after this "session."

Heart Behind the Hymn: Jesus Loves Me

10.09.12 | Rachelle Renee

written by Susan and Anna Warner, was a part of a novel called "Say and Seal" which featured the words to "Jesus Loves Me" as a poem.

Heart Behind the Hymn: Holy Holy Holy

10.09.12 | Rachelle Renee

written by Reginald Heber, is a song that Reginald specifically wrote for Trinity Sunday--a song exploring the worship of God's 3 parts: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Heart Behind the Hymn: He Touched Me

10.09.12 | Rachelle Renee

written by Bill and Gloria Gaither, was the result of a minister's simple suggestion, "Hey, Bill, you know there should be a song about..." and the rest was Gaither "history."

Heart Behind the Hymn: Grace That is Greater

10.09.12 | Rachelle Renee

written by Julia Johnston, is one of 500 hymns that Johnston penned. Her dedication to people during her lifetime was an act of Grace--a reflection of what Jesus extended to us, a Grace greater than sin!