Family Life Podcasts

Morning Show / On the Set of Courageous

05.27.10 | Kurt Goff

Writer/producer/actor Alex Kendrick joins the morning guys, as well as the writer/producer Stephen Kendrick. The Kendrick brothers work as a team at Sherwood Pictures.

Lisa Harper - What Women Really Want

05.17.10 | Terese Main

Author and speaker Lisa Harper has appeared at Women of Faith and other Christian ladies events. She'll be at Pearce Memorial Church in North Chili May 22, 2010 for a day long talk.

Hear No Evil - Interview with Matthew Paul Turner

03.25.10 | Cecil Van Houten

Cecil and author Matthew Paul Turner talk about Matthew's newest book, "Hear No Evil", which focuses on his growing up in a conservative evangelical environment, his experiences with music and how the people, places and encounters he had shaped his walk with God.

Morning Show / Donovan Campbell Interview

02.23.10 | Sonny & Denny

Author Donovan Campbell shares his testimony today. Campbell is author of Joker One, a Marine platoon's story of courage, leadership and brotherhood.

Morning Show / John and Stasi Eldredge Interview

02.09.10 | Sonny & Denny

This morning we heard the testimony and the story behind the marriage of John & Stasi Eldredge. They're the bestselling authors of "Wild At Heart" and "Captivating." Now they have a new book, "Love & War: Finding the Marriage You've Dreamed Of."

Frank Viola, "Reimagining Church"

11.07.08 | Cecil Van Houten

In this extended conversation with Cecil, author Frank Viola discusses the nature and growth of the organic church movement in America. The dialogue is based on Viola's recent book, Reimagining Church (David C. Cook), which is a follow-up to the 2007 release, Pagan Christianity (Tyndale).

Michael Babcock, "UnChristian America"

10.31.08 | Cecil Van Houten

Liberty University professor Michael Babcock talks with Cecil about his book, UnChristian America: Living With Faith in a Nation That Was Never Under God (Tyndale). Babcock challenges the notion that American has been a "Christian nation." He also suggests that the political agendas of ...

Dick Fetzer, "Reflective Listening"

10.24.08 | Cecil Van Houten

While a college student, Dick Fetzer discovered the importance of reflective listening. Throughout his career in education and counseling he has shared the technique with gratifying results. In his new book, Please Listen To Me "A Christian's Guide to Reflective Listening" (Winepress ...

Howard Dayton, "Surviving the Financial Crisis"

10.03.08 | Cecil Van Houten

Given the recent turmoil in the financial markets and the newly signed "bailout bill", Howard Dayton and Cecil put the current situation in context and discuss ways listeners can use Biblical principles of money management to honor the Lord and protect their finances. To learn more about ...

Paul Young, "The Shack"

07.25.08 | Cecil Van Houten

Young wrote his surprise best-seller "The Shack" as a way for his children to understand his concepts of God, redemption and forgiveness. He and Cecil discuss the concept behind the book, the struggles and challenges of writing it and the amazing story of its connection with people on ...