Family Life Podcasts

Carol Kent's Grace Place

11.03.10 | Terese Main

After her son murdered the father of his step-daughters, Carol Kent's world was turned upside down. Through it all, her family has sought the cross. Jason Kent now serves the Lord in prison ministry, and Carol has a new book, called "Between and Rock and a Grace Place." In it, she ...

Elizabeth George

10.29.10 | Terese Main

With a new book that contains "less of me and more of He," Elizabeth George is back, encouraging women to walk even closer to our Savior. Terese Main sat down with her to talk about "A Woman Who Reflects the Heart of Jesus."

Bob Luedke - Eyewitness Book 4

10.29.10 | Cecil Van Houten

Cecil talks with author and illustrator Bob Luedke about the final book in the graphic novel series, Eye Witness, "The Unknown God." Bob explains the concept and purpose of the graphic novel, the background of the Eye Witness series and what readers will find in Book 4.

Without a Word: Jim and Jill Kelly Interview

09.16.10 | Terese Main

Jill Kelly's new book, "Without a Word" chronicle's the family's journey to Jesus. Through the loss of their one and only son, they were led to God's one and only son.

Kingdom Bound 2010 / Mike Shreve Interview

Author Mike Shreve shares about the miracles his family has experienced and the promises God has given.

Kingdom Bound 2010 / Laura Petherbridge Interview

Author, speaker and teacher Laura Petherbridge shares about stepfamilies and divorce recovery.

Domesticated Jesus

07.28.10 | Kurt Goff

Do we make God too small? Harry Kraus talks about it with Kurt Goff and how to overcome our small problems by laying them in the hands of a big God.

Morning Show / Battling Guilt

06.17.10 | Kurt Goff

Author Mark Atteberry shares with Kurt and Jean.

Getting Organized With Stacey Platt

06.08.10 | Terese Main

If Sunday mornings are frantic, as you yell for everyone to grab their Bible, as you dash into your minivan, you may have an organizational issue. In the book, "What's A Disorganized Person To Do?" Author Stacey Platt gives tips on everything from arranging cookbooks to keeping your kids ...