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Kingdom Bound 2013: Mikeschair

08.06.13 | Terese Main

While performing at Kingdom Bound, Mike Grayson from Mikeschair got to stay with his in-laws in East Aurora, NY. He shares some of his newlywed life, and performs "All I Can Do (Thank You)" acoustic while talking with Terese Main.

Kingdom Bound 2013: Laura Story

08.06.13 | Terese Main

With a new baby and new CD on the way October 1st, Laura Story has so much to share. She talks with Terese Main about balancing life and ministry, even when it's just finding a shirt to perform in that doesn't have spit up on it.

Kingdom Bound 2013: The City Harmonic

08.05.13 | Terese Main

It's been a busy couple years for The City Harmonic. From new babies to cancer treatments, these guys have stayed the course to bring Jesus music to the forefront. Lead singer Eli Dummer and guitarist Aaron Powell talk with Terese Main about their upcoming CD and life on the road.

Kingdom Bound 2013: Audio Adrenaline

08.05.13 | Terese Main

With a new album and a heart for Haiti, Kevin Max and Jared Byers from Audio Adrenaline talk with Terese Main about their passion. They also share the remarkable story behind their music video for "Believer" which features a championship surfer, who is completely blind.

Artist Interview: Phil Vischer(Buck Denver)

07.26.13 | Steve Smith

Phil helped create Veggie Tales and now, Buck Denver and his cast of characters. Phil talks about his philosophy with Kids programming and also introduces JellyTelly.

Artist Interview: Big Daddy Weave - The Only Name

07.25.13 | Rachelle Renee

Family Life's Rachelle Renee speaks with Mike Weaver, the lead vocalist from the band "Big Daddy Weave," about his upcoming tour with fellow artists Chris August and the group "Unspoken."

Artist Interview: Aaron Shust

07.15.13 | Terese Main

Aaron Shust is a busy husband and dad of three boys. Still, he takes time to praise God in the storm of life. Listen as he talks about the miracle of his son's hearing being restored, and the thrill he still gets out of hearing his songs on the radio. With a new CD and an upcoming concert in ...

Artist Interview - Everfound (From Russia to Christ)

07.08.13 | Sonny Delfyette

Before the fall of the Soviet Union, American missionaries would set up Christian radio stations along the Soviet border and transmit the Gospel into the communist territory. For the four brothers of the Russian-born band Everfound, who immigrated to Denver, Colorado when they were young children, ...

Unspoken: The World is Waking

06.17.13 | Rachelle Renee

Rachelle Renee` from the Family Life Mornings gives Chad, the lead singer from the group "Unspoken", a call about their newest album, "The World is Waking."

King's Faith Interview

04.24.13 | Randy Snavely

King's Faith Director Nick DiBella and Executive Producer Pastor Kirk

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