Family Life Podcasts

Why a Sharathon? / Touching Lives Through the Internet

Beverly Eagen, an Army wife in Germany, calls in to the 2010 Spring Sharathon to share how Family Life impacts her family through the Internet.

Why a Sharathon? / Performing Arts

Darren Litz shares about the world of performing arts at Family Life.

Why a Sharathon? / Pastors' Conferences

Steve McEuen talks about Family Life's Pastors' Conference.

Morning Show / Testimonies on Joy

03.30.10 | Sonny & Denny

What brings you joy? Is it that sunrise? A song? Your child's laugh?

Morning Show / Good News Testimonies

03.26.10 | Sonny & Denny

Today we wanted to hear the Gospel, the Good News in your life!

Hear No Evil - Interview with Matthew Paul Turner

03.25.10 | Cecil Van Houten

Cecil and author Matthew Paul Turner talk about Matthew's newest book, "Hear No Evil", which focuses on his growing up in a conservative evangelical environment, his experiences with music and how the people, places and encounters he had shaped his walk with God.

She Says 15: Priorities

03.24.10 | She Says

As a woman (or man who loves one), you know that a woman’s life is busy, busy, busy! She Says delves into the world of “plate spinning” and some possible remedies.

Morning Show / Strengthened Marriage Testimonies

03.23.10 | Sonny & Denny

How has the Lord strengthened your marriage?

Morning Show / Songs That Speak to the Heart

03.16.10 | Sonny & Denny

When have you heard the Lord speaking to you or your situation?

She Says 14: Insecurity

03.10.10 | She Says

Like the rest of the population, Christians often wrestle with a monster. That monster’s name is "Insecurity." This She Says discussion hopes to offer you an upper hand in the struggle.

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