Family Life Podcasts

Morning Show / Testimonies on Joy

03.30.10 | Sonny & Denny

What brings you joy? Is it that sunrise? A song? Your child's laugh?

Morning Show / Good News Testimonies

03.26.10 | Sonny & Denny

Today we wanted to hear the Gospel, the Good News in your life!

Hear No Evil - Interview with Matthew Paul Turner

03.25.10 | Cecil Van Houten

Cecil and author Matthew Paul Turner talk about Matthew's newest book, "Hear No Evil", which focuses on his growing up in a conservative evangelical environment, his experiences with music and how the people, places and encounters he had shaped his walk with God.

She Says 15: Priorities

03.24.10 | She Says

As a woman (or man who loves one), you know that a woman’s life is busy, busy, busy! She Says delves into the world of “plate spinning” and some possible remedies.

Morning Show / Strengthened Marriage Testimonies

03.23.10 | Sonny & Denny

How has the Lord strengthened your marriage?

Morning Show / Songs That Speak to the Heart

03.16.10 | Sonny & Denny

When have you heard the Lord speaking to you or your situation?

She Says 14: Insecurity

03.10.10 | She Says

Like the rest of the population, Christians often wrestle with a monster. That monster’s name is "Insecurity." This She Says discussion hopes to offer you an upper hand in the struggle.

Morning Show / Praying For People You Find Difficult

03.09.10 | Sonny & Denny

Today's show may be a little tough for some of you to admit to: Praying for someone that you may find difficult. Hear stories about what the Lord has done in their lives.

Listener Advisory Panel Update

03.05.10 | Cecil Van Houten

Cecil updates listeners on the Listener Advisory Panel, sharing some of the results we've received so far and inviting listeners to participate.

Morning Show / "I Am So Cheap That I..."

03.04.10 | Sonny & Denny

...fill in the blank on how frugal you are! Or maybe someone you know...

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