Family Life Podcasts

Morning Show / God's Call Testimonies

04.20.10 | Sonny & Denny

Have you felt the Lord leading you to ministry? To feeding or clothing the needy? To sing His praise in music?

Amy Grant Interview / 4-16-10

04.16.10 | Cecil Van Houten

Cecil talks with Amy Grant about the stages of life, her new album and the inspiration behind it.

She Says 16: Emotional Pain

04.14.10 | She Says

Emotional pain can cripple us if we don't deal with it. Patti Anderson, Family Life’s counselor joins She Says in a discussion about "hurts of the heart."

Memorial of Gary Meuller

04.10.10 | Sarah Harnisch

Kathy Mueller is an FLN listener from Varysburg, New York. She came the final day of the 2010 Spring Sharathon in honor of her husband, Gary, who died a few weeks ago from esophageal cancer. A big FLN listener and Family Life supporter, his goal was to live long enough to see his last Sharathon… ...

Why a Sharathon? / Youth Theatre

Hear from people who have experienced Family Life's Youth Theatre.

Why a Sharathon? / Camp Edge

Counselors and campers from Family Life's kids camp stop by and share their experiences.

Why a Sharathon? / Concerts and Events

Director of Events Emily Oliver talks about upcoming events.

Why a Sharathon? / Seniors' Luncheons

Don and Barb Kraft, along with Jean Beckley, talk about the Seniors' Luncheons at Family Life.

Why a Sharathon? / FOCUS Counseling

Counselor Gary Short talks about how FOCUS is there for families and individuals in need.

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