Family Life Podcasts

Kingdom Bound 2010 / Bibleman Interview

Meet the man behind the mask...and purple spandex...

Kingdom Bound 2010 / Bob Lenz Interview

Speaker Bob Lenz stops by the Family Life Tent at Kingdom Bound. Somehow he and the Morning Show crew start talking about raising children. Bob doesn't know why they got on that topic...but it makes for a great interview!

Domesticated Jesus

07.28.10 | Kurt Goff

Do we make God too small? Harry Kraus talks about it with Kurt Goff and how to overcome our small problems by laying them in the hands of a big God.

She Says 20: Transitions

07.18.10 | She Says

Ever feel like you're in that in-between place ... sensing that you are moving out of one phase of life but you're not quite into the next one yet?  The women of She Says can identify!

Morning Show / Battling Guilt

06.17.10 | Kurt Goff

Author Mark Atteberry shares with Kurt and Jean.

She Says 19: Parenting

06.09.10 | Mary Giovinazzo

Parenting is one of the most rewarding things you can experience. But, along with the joys come struggles. She Says' special guest, Liz Goff, hops into this conversation with Mary and Martha.

Getting Organized With Stacey Platt

06.08.10 | Terese Main

If Sunday mornings are frantic, as you yell for everyone to grab their Bible, as you dash into your minivan, you may have an organizational issue. In the book, "What's A Disorganized Person To Do?" Author Stacey Platt gives tips on everything from arranging cookbooks to keeping your kids ...

Mommy Manna 1-Kylie

06.08.10 | Terese Main

Do you struggle with getting your children, or yourself, to tuck away scripture in your heart? Well, listen to 6-year old Kylie, as she rattles of eight verses in Ephesians. Then, hear from her mom, Katie, on how she helped her daughter master God's Word. Join Terese Main for this new Family ...

Morning Show / On the Set of Courageous

05.27.10 | Kurt Goff

Writer/producer/actor Alex Kendrick joins the morning guys, as well as the writer/producer Stephen Kendrick. The Kendrick brothers work as a team at Sherwood Pictures.

Encouragement For Your Marriage

05.26.10 | Kurt Goff

Paul David Tripp has some encouragement for your marriage that is God focused. It’s based on his book “What Did You Expect?”

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