Family Life Podcasts

Fall Sharathon 2010 / FOCUS Counseling

FOCUS Director Gary Short talks about the counseling services available at Family Life.

Days of Our Sharathon: Act I

As Sharathon goes on, the drama unfolds. Join us for Day 1 of "Days of Our Sharathon."

Fall Sharathon 2010 / New iRadio Offerings

First there was Thrive! and Gentle Praise. What's the next Internet radio station coming to Family Life? Listen and see.

Tenth Ave. North Interview / 9-20-10

10.04.10 | Sonny Delfyette

Our own Sonny Delfyette chats with Tenth Avenue North guitarist Jess Owen about the "Light Meets dark" tour and what we'll see October 8th in Jamestown and October 9th in Rochester.

She Says 22: Balancing Life

09.21.10 | She Says

It's a common dilemma in a woman's life - how do I keep my life in balance?

Steven Curtis Chapman

09.19.10 | Sonny Delfyette

We chat with Steven Curtis Chapman about "A Night With The Chapmans" November 19th in Cicero, NY. This is the first time Steven's wife, Mary Beth, joins him on tour. Other dates in the Family Life listening area are Sep 10th in Lancaster, PA and Oct 8th with W.O.F in Rochester. Steven ...

Without a Word: Jim and Jill Kelly Interview

09.16.10 | Terese Main

Jill Kelly's new book, "Without a Word" chronicle's the family's journey to Jesus. Through the loss of their one and only son, they were led to God's one and only son.

Plugged In Movie Review

09.03.10 | Bob Olshefski

Reviews for today's latest movies and more!

Heather Williams

08.30.10 | Terese Main

Her testimony is stamped time and time again with God's amazing grace. From a broken home, to a life of drugs and rebellion...

Christian Music Summit 2010 / Will McFarlane

08.25.10 | John Carter

This musician has quite a story to tell. Take a listen.

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