Family Life Podcasts

Miracle in a Shoebox

10.29.10 | Terese Main

Lejla Allison was a little girl in war-torn Bosnia when a box arrived, with just what she had been praying for inside: a pair of shoes! Most Operation Shoe Box packages, ironically, don't contain shoes. They do, however, deliver miracles all around the world during the Christmas season.

Bebo Norman

10.21.10 | Terese Main

With a young family and a new album called "Ocean," Bebo Norman faces deep challenges to his faith. However, time dedicated to discovering the Lord's will for his life help guide his path.

She Says 23: She Says Meets He Says

10.20.10 | She Says

What is this? Men? On She Says? It's true. The S.S. crew looks for the male perspective on everything from gender roles to the laundry. That's right...laundry.

Fall Sharathon 2010 / Family Life on the Internet

Hear about the many ways Family Life is reaching people online.

Fall Sharathon 2010 / Pastors' Conference

Pastors need rejuvenation too. And best of all for them, it's free!

Fall Sharathon 2010 / Radio

Terese Main shares what's going on in radio these days.

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