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Morning Show: The Christmas Truce

12.21.10 | Jean Hetherington

Listen to a story about how the peace of Christmas broke through during a time of war.

She Says 25: Think You're Stuck?

12.14.10 | She Says

She Says chats Barb Short, a biblical counselor with Family Life's FOCUS department to learn about getting past self-defeating life patterns.

Doug Gresham and The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

12.09.10 | Cecil Van Houten

Explore the motivation behind the project, some of the challenges of producing the film and the importance of staying true to the intent of the text when translating it to film.

Morning Show: The Legend of TAPS

11.11.10 | Jean Hetherington's played at every military funeral and often heard on Veteran's Day as we salute our fallen heroes. A legend has developed around the history of "Taps" that is interesting even if it's not true....or is it?

2010 Christmas Music Preview

11.10.10 | Cecil Van Houten

Hear about Christmas music past and present. Plus, get a preview of several new Christmas records for 2010.

She Says 24: Apologizing

11.10.10 | She Says

There's more to it than we think!

Carol Kent's Grace Place

11.03.10 | Terese Main

After her son murdered the father of his step-daughters, Carol Kent's world was turned upside down. Through it all, her family has sought the cross. Jason Kent now serves the Lord in prison ministry, and Carol has a new book, called "Between and Rock and a Grace Place." In it, she ...

A Short History of the Privilege to Vote

11.02.10 | Jean Hetherington

Our privilege to vote was paid for in blood - even after the Revolutionary War was over. Jean gives us a summary of the human cost for the right to choose our governing leaders.

Elizabeth George

10.29.10 | Terese Main

With a new book that contains "less of me and more of He," Elizabeth George is back, encouraging women to walk even closer to our Savior. Terese Main sat down with her to talk about "A Woman Who Reflects the Heart of Jesus."

Bob Luedke - Eyewitness Book 4

10.29.10 | Cecil Van Houten

Cecil talks with author and illustrator Bob Luedke about the final book in the graphic novel series, Eye Witness, "The Unknown God." Bob explains the concept and purpose of the graphic novel, the background of the Eye Witness series and what readers will find in Book 4.

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