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She Says 32: Hearing God's Voice (Part 2)

07.26.11 | She Says

God loves to speak to His kids! How can we be better listeners? She Says offers some suggestions.

She Says 31: Hearing God's Voice

06.14.11 | She Says

Does God speak to us? How? When? What does He say? These are questions we all wonder about at times. Darcie, April, Nicole and Mary share their thoughts.

LEAH 2011

06.10.11 | Terese Main

During a live broadcast at the Rochester Convention Center during the 2011 LEAH Conference, Terese Main from Family Life was able to interview experts in the field of homeschooling, including Gregg Harris of "Raising Kids to Do Hard Things," Dr. Henry Morris, III from the Institute for ...

Kingdom Bound History

06.09.11 | Kevin VanBuren

Kingdom Bound celebrates 25 years of music and ministry. Join Family Life at the 2011 event at Darien Lake. We'll be broadcasting live each morning and morning afternoon. Listen to Family Life to win tickets. The contest countdown calendar is available for free download at ...

She Says 30: Attitude Adjustments

05.17.11 | She Says

She Says tackles attitudes. Why do we so often find ourselves in need of an "adjustment"?

She Says 29: Shaking in Your Shoes - A Look at Fear

04.13.11 | She Says

Fear! It grips everyone at times, but is it always "bad"?

She Says 28: Why Is It So Hard to Be Good?

03.24.11 | She Says

There's an internal civil war going on inside every true follower of Jesus Christ! Join Emily, Darcie and Mary as they discuss obeying God.

Scott Krippayne Spring Tour

03.17.11 | Sonny Delfyette

Sonny chats with Scott Krippayne about how Scott comes up with the songs he writes, how he feels when someone else sings them, and what you can expect to see when you catch Scott in concert.

Amy Grant and "Two Friends"

03.01.11 | Terese Main

Amy Grant will join Michael W. Smith in Rochester, NY March 4th for the "Two Friends" tour. She took some time to talk with Terese Main about mommyhood and music.

Mandisa and "What If We Were Real"

02.28.11 | Terese Main

With 100 pounds lost and a new album on the horizon, Mandisa is counting her blessings and giving God the glory. She talks with Terese Main about her new CD and being single.

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