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Kingdom Bound 2011: Donut Sculptures

Three contestants. One dozen donuts each. Unlimited woodend skewers. Whoever creates the most amazing sculpture wins!

Kingdom Bound 2011: Reggie Dabbs Returns

Reggie Dabbs stopped by Family Life Mornings at Kingdom Bound to talk about his upcoming adventures, including a trip to the west coast, and heading to the Olympics to be a Track and Field Chaplain.

Kingdom Bound 2011: Jeremy Camp

Jeremy Camp and his second wife Addie have two daughters, and a son (Eagen) on the way. He is heading out on a 29 city tour with Francesca Battistelli. and has a new book, “I Still Believe,” coming out September 2011.

Kingdom Bound 2011: TP Mummies

It's amazing how much entertainment we can find in a couple rolls of toilet paper! Two pair of contestants compete against each other to finish wrapping their partner first. We just love our live Kingdom Bound audience!

Kingdom Bound 2011: Rebecca St. James

Grammy Award Winner Rebecca St. James hails from Australia. She recently got married! Here latest CD, “I Will Praise You” (her 12th CD) came out in April and features “Shine Your Glory Down.”

Kingdom Bound 2011: Reggie Dabbs

Born to an unwed teenager who at one time considered abortion as a viable option for solving her "problem," Reggie Dabbs considers himself fortunate to be alive.

Kingdom Bound 2011: Pam Stenzel

Pam Stenzel reaches more than a half million young people every year about sexuality and abstinence.

Kingdom Bound 2011: Lift

Founded in 2006, the band Lift grew and quickly established in youth ministry at Hamburg Weslyan Church and became the official worship band of The Hub.

Kingdom Bound 2011: Enemy Opposition

Enemy Opposition is a Christian action sports organization made up of an extremely talented group of inline skaters, bmx'ers, flatland bmx'ers, and skateboarders. As a group EO puts on incredible action sports demonstrations of all sizes that people of all ages can enjoy.

Kingdom Bound 2011: McClurg Trivia

Contestants who heard the previous day's interview with Brothers McClurg were able to win an autographed copy of the newly released (8/2) CD.

12 ... 82838485868788899091 ... 104105