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Kingdom Bound 2012: Radio Drama

Sound effects courtesy of our campers...and a giant bear...or maybe chef. You never know what's going to happen when Family Life puts on a radio drama at Kingdom Bound.

Kingdom Bound 2012: Bigger and Better

Three audience participants were selected early in the day Tuesday, and given a CD. Their mission: to trade that CD among the campers at Kingdom Bound. Listen to hear the treasures each brought back: from a new folding chair, to a mini vac and the best of all...God's Word! They were rewarded ...

Kingdom Bound 2012: Carol McLeod

In her book, "Holy Estrogen," Carol McLeod outlines which emotions are best to have when and how to make sure they are bringing glory to God. She chats with Steve, Rachelle and Randy about all things girlie.

Mark Schultz: New Dad & Funny Guy

08.02.12 | Terese Main

Mark Schultz has a six month old son, a new album coming out 9/4/12 and is headed to the Spiedie Fest stage. He chats with Terese Main about his busy life, and putting all the other husbands to shame.

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