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Artist Interview: Jaime Jamgochian

08.14.12 | Sonny Delfyette

Sonny has fun chatting with Jaime Jamgochian about how she, a Boston girl, has adjusted to living in Nashville, how she came to love the Lord at 21-years old, and how excited Jaime is to have five shows this September in the Family Life listening area.

Kingdom Bound 2012: Benji & Jenna

Buffalo-area worship leaders, Benji & Jenna Cowart join us to talk about the well-building initiative they work with, Let Them LOL. They also blessed us with an early morning song, giving glory to God.

Kingdom Bound 2012: Radio Drama

Sound effects courtesy of our campers...and a giant bear...or maybe chef. You never know what's going to happen when Family Life puts on a radio drama at Kingdom Bound.

Kingdom Bound 2012: Bigger and Better

Three audience participants were selected early in the day Tuesday, and given a CD. Their mission: to trade that CD among the campers at Kingdom Bound. Listen to hear the treasures each brought back: from a new folding chair, to a mini vac and the best of all...God's Word! They were rewarded ...

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