Family Life Podcasts

Heart Behind the Hymn: I Surrender All

02.07.13 | Rachelle Renee

Judson W. Van Deventer was a gifted artist but as God expounded on his abilities and giftings--Judson was faced with the question: Would he in fact surrender those abilities in service to the Lord?

Sanctus Real's Matt Hammitt

02.06.13 | Randy Snavely

Matt Hammitt talks about Sanctus Real's new CD "Run," his son Bowen's progress and their bus fire that happened last Spring.

Heart Behind the Hymn: Love of God

02.05.13 | Rachelle Renee

Frederick M. Lehman heard a poem quoted at a Midwest camp-meeting that would inspire him to write the first two stanzas of the Hymn, "The Love of God."

Got A Minute- Random Acts of Love Part I

02.05.13 | Steve Smith

During the month of February, God reminds us to display His love.

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