Family Life Podcasts

Kingdom Bound 2013: Matthew West

08.04.13 | Terese Main

Besides being a songwriter and performer, Matthew West is a husband and a dad. A recent family decision has his family of four hitting the road. They're serving together, and having some pretty amazing family field trips.

Artist Interview: Phil Vischer(Buck Denver)

07.26.13 | Steve Smith

Phil helped create Veggie Tales and now, Buck Denver and his cast of characters. Phil talks about his philosophy with Kids programming and also introduces JellyTelly.

Artist Interview: Big Daddy Weave - The Only Name

07.25.13 | Rachelle Renee

Family Life's Rachelle Renee speaks with Mike Weaver, the lead vocalist from the band "Big Daddy Weave," about his upcoming tour with fellow artists Chris August and the group "Unspoken."

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