Family Life Podcasts

Adults Update 3-10-09

03.10.09 | Debbie Ferro

Debbie talks about the Salsa Conference that happened recently, and talks about some upcoming events.

YA Update 3-10-09

03.10.09 | Kate Bernier

Kate Bernier tells us about some very exciting stuff coming up and news about Steve Rau.

Adult Update Podcast 2-3-09

02.01.09 | Debbie Ferro

Debbie shares the latest at the adult ministries department.

Adults Podcast

01.25.09 | Debbie Ferro

An update brought to you by the Adult Ministries leader, Debbie Fero. Check back often for more updates.

YA Update 1-19-09

01.19.09 | Kate Bernier

Kate gives an update for the YA team ar Family Life. All sorts of amazing stuff going on. Check it out and see whats up.

Leeland, In-Studio / 11-10-08

11.10.08 | Cecil Van Houten

Leeland stops by the FLN studios to talk about their life and music. Gain insights into how the band started, what keeps them fresh on the road and what the future holds. Featured are their hits, "Yes You Have," "Opposite Way," "Count Me In" and "Tears of the ...

Frank Viola, "Reimagining Church"

11.07.08 | Cecil Van Houten

In this extended conversation with Cecil, author Frank Viola discusses the nature and growth of the organic church movement in America. The dialogue is based on Viola's recent book, Reimagining Church (David C. Cook), which is a follow-up to the 2007 release, Pagan Christianity (Tyndale).

Michael Babcock, "UnChristian America"

10.31.08 | Cecil Van Houten

Liberty University professor Michael Babcock talks with Cecil about his book, UnChristian America: Living With Faith in a Nation That Was Never Under God (Tyndale). Babcock challenges the notion that American has been a "Christian nation." He also suggests that the political agendas of ...

Dick Fetzer, "Reflective Listening"

10.24.08 | Cecil Van Houten

While a college student, Dick Fetzer discovered the importance of reflective listening. Throughout his career in education and counseling he has shared the technique with gratifying results. In his new book, Please Listen To Me "A Christian's Guide to Reflective Listening" (Winepress ...

Bebo Norman Podcast / 10-17-09

10.17.08 | Cecil Van Houten

Having just released his first mainstream studio album in three years, Bebo Norman talks with Cecil about how life changes have influenced his songwriting and ministry outlook. Featured in this podcast are two songs from the self-titled album Bebo Norman (BEC Records): "Not Living In The ...

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