Family Life Podcasts

Don Moen Podcast / 10-05-09

10.04.09 | Cecil Van Houten

Cecil visits with Don Moen, writer, executive producer, artist and gets into the back-story of Don's music and spiritual journey. Don is transparent about his personal feelings about his calling and work for the Lord.

She Says 3: Boundaries

09.27.09 | She Says

She Says talk about boundaries today! What are they, what is the christian woman today or anyone responsible for when it comes to boundaries? Martha, Mary, Darcie and Emily get into this and discuss issues about sex, dating, motives in relationships and more.

Cecil VanHouten Podcast / 9-16-09

09.13.09 | Cecil Van Houten

Cecil shares about some new radio features including a new news segment at 5:00pm. Also some great news on new signals and projects upcoming in the radio ministry at Family Life. Cecil also shares a new song that will be played regularly in FLN's format.

She Says 2: The Edges of Fashion

09.13.09 | She Says

"She Says!" talks about the edges of today's fashion and body art. Mary, Martha, Darcie, and Emily delve deep into the taboo of tattoos and brush on the degree of hair styles.

She Says / Episode 1

09.03.09 | She Says

Welcome to "She Says" - a new podcast feature by Family Life. You'll hear candid conversations about today's Christian issues with Mary, Martha, Darcie and Emily. Four women, from four decades, all on staff here at Family Life. Each episode communicates different views and ...

Christmas Bazaar

09.02.09 | Debbie Ferro

Debbie Fero and Trudi Cook share all about the Christmas Bazaar that will take place here at the Family Life Center.

Youth Ministry Part2

09.01.09 | Dan White

Well, in my last podcast, I told you about “my spanking.” A Holy Spirit spanking, if you will. (Wow, I might have just invented a new sign gift.) ....

Cecil VanHouten Podcast / 8-31-09

08.30.09 | Cecil Van Houten

Cecil talks about new music projects, new bands, new employees coming on staff in the Radio Department.

Volunteer at Family Life

08.03.09 | Debbie Fero

Ever think about volunteering with Family Life? Debbie Fero and Mary Giovinazzo talk about volunteering and its various aspects.

Thrive Podcast 1

07.19.09 | Dan White

Intro to Thrive podcast. Dan White shares about himself and what makes him tick. Get a cup of coffee, sit back and get to know how Dan views himself, youth ministry, and what he feels God's vision for youth ministry in the future.

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