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Sometimes the best times we have with Jesus are in our own homes. It could be while we're doing yardwork or dishes, while we're exercising, or maybe it's just while we listen to some good worship music. This week Family Life is giving you the chance to win some great prizes that you can enjoy listening to AND watching at home!

Israel & New Breed's worship DVD "Jesus at the Center LIVE" includes 18 live worship songs such as "Your Presence is Heaven", "Hosanna,", and "Jesus at the Center", as well as a behind the scenes "Jesus at the Center" album story conversation and stories behind other songs.

Darlene Zschech's "Revealing Jesus" is a worship DVD that includes 12 LIVE songs such as "Victor's Crown" and "In Jesus' Name", with the bonus song "Shout to the Lord/Agnus Dei". The DVD also includes the "Revealing Jesus" album story and opener.

"Buck Denver asks...What's in the Bible?" is a children's DVD full of Bible teaching and truth for your kids. Volume 13 "God's Kingdom Comes!" focuses on some of the Epistles and the book of Revelation and includes two 25-minute episodes.

Registration will be open until 5:00pm on Friday, April 25, and we will draw 3 winners on Monday, April 28.


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