Kids Korner Auditions

07.26.13 | Matt Jackson

* Registration is now closed. Thank you to everyone who signed up for an audition! If you missed the registration, the next round of auditions will be held next summer. *

Family Life will be holding auditions for new Kids Korner actors August 26 and September 9! We're looking for kids who read well, listen to instructions, and want to use their gifts to glorify God and encourage others.

Kids Korner is a little different from Family Life's other productions because it requires more involvement. That said, we want to explain a few things so you understand the kind of commitment, qualifications, and expectations involved.

The objectives we're hoping to achieve:

  • We have eight roles to cast with eight kids who will host the weekly Kids Korner segment.
  • Because we want to see the applicants develop their God-given gifts, each one will receive instructions on how to improve their performance and skills.
  • We are seeking an even split of four girls and four boys. The voices should sound natural and be unique. Unique voices make it easier for listeners to distinguish between hosts. Applicants should also have an active imagination and the ability to "play-act" a variety of characters.

Deciding to Audition

THE EASY PART or "Audition criteria"

  • Commitment. Hosting Kids Korner is kind of like a job. Before choosing to audition, you need to decide whether you and your family can make the commitment to attend all (or most) of the required recording sessions for the Kids Korner program. Scripts are written to fit different characters and having someone read your lines because you can’t make it isn’t fair for anybody. We need the cast to come to recording sessions when they are scheduled.
  • Vocal acting ability. Radio is an interesting medium because it uses sound and sound only to convey messages. This means voice acting goes beyond the ability to read scripts aloud. The tone of voice, the ability to take vocal direction, and the ability to play different characters are all important parts of being on the radio.
  • Distinct voices. Because radio is a sound-only medium, the only way to identify a character is by their voice. Therefore it's crucial to cast voices that are distinctly different. So don’t lose heart if you don’t get a part. It may simply be that you and several other people sounded too much alike to be on the radio together at the same time.
  • Respectful and cooperative behavior. Kids Korner is a place where we have fun pretending to have adventures and things. However, we’re here to serve Jesus, and that’s an important job. You need to decide that it's okay sometimes to work at having fun instead of only having fun working. A person who is trying to distract others or is being silly during recording, or isn’t following instructions, will not be considered for any role.  

THE HARD PART or "What you’re getting into"

Before you audition, please consider:

  • You are expected keep your role in Kids Korner for a year.
  • Family Life does not assist in transportation of Kids Korner voice talent.
  • Recording times are scheduled in advance. However, they are subject to change at Matt Jackson’s discretion and he will endeavor to inform you in a timely manner.

Okay, you thought about it and submitted the application form...

Now That You've Decided

THE EXCITING PART or "What’s auditioning going to be like?"

So you're waiting for your turn in the recording booth and you’re a little nervous. The first step is...

  • Relax! You’ll do a lot better if you’re acting like yourself. This is going to be fun!
  • When it’s your turn, we’re going to have you read a few scripts. We will probably ask you to read it over a few times and ask you to do it differently each time. This will help us learn a little more about you and your skills. During this time, Ms. Natalie can give you some pointers that might help you with your voice acting.
  • After we have done this a few times, we’re going to bring in other kids to figure out how your voice works with other voices.
  • After that, you can head out and we’ll let you know if we need you to come back for additional recording.

THE NERVOUS PART or "How do I know if I’m chosen?"

If you’ve been chosen for a callback, you will receive notification within two weeks of your audition. 

We are looking forward to meeting (and hearing) you!


Matt and Natalie