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"Thank you" from Family Life

Thank you to those who financially and prayerfully supported the one-day fund drive this month. We passed the $229,000 mark! Hundreds of generous and faithful supporters blessed the ministry by their involvement. They called to give resources, share their hearts, and encourage Family Life staff with stories about the Lord's work. If you haven't donated and would like to, please click here to give online.

Over the next year, your donations will be used to improve the quality of Family Life signals across NY and Pa. Many listeners will benefit from better, purer radio reception, allowing the message of Jesus Christ to ring loud and clear!

"Random Acts of Love" in 2014

This year, show the love of Jesus with “Random Acts of Love" from Family Life. It's a fun way to stay intentional about loving those around you.

First, download the cards and take them with you as you go about your day. Then begin looking for way to bless people! It might be an encouraging note left in a mailbox, mowing a neighbor’s lawn, or paying for a simple meal. After each “Random Act of Love,” leave your note. Call us at 800.927.9083 to share your stories!

Flin Birthday Club - Let's Celebrate!

Celebrate your child's birthday with a special birthday card from Flin, Family Life's furry mascot pup! The card includes a certificate good for a McDonald's Happy Meal and contest entry into the weekly birthday prize pack given away Friday night, 7-8pm, during The Family Hour.

Win a Flin Plush Toy, Flin cup, Flin bouncy ball, and Flin stickers. The contest is open to kids turning 12-years-old and younger. Click to sign-up your child!