Welcome Rachelle Renee!

07.19.10 | Rick Snavely | Comments[8]

BioRachelleRachelle Rene Carrillo comes to the Family Life Network from Tulsa, OK. Rachelle majored in theatre in college having aspirations for the stage. She was encouraged to consider a part time position at a local radio station in Oklahoma and that was the beginning of her “radio career” landing different positions in Christian radio over the next number of years.

Two years ago Rachelle contacted Family Life in the hopes of doing some voice-tracking work for the ministry. That first conversation led to many more and the Lord began to speak to Rachelle and her husband, Sammy about a possible move to New York. While considering such a move, Rachelle became a weekend announcer with FLN and visited on two occasions during sharathons. The call of the Lord became stronger and stronger and earlier this year surrendered to that call.

Rachelle’s gifts include singing, acting, and teaching young children. It’s a given that not only will listeners hear Rachelle as part of the morning team but will also see her on stage as part of the Performing Arts department. Rachelle and Sammy have two young boys, Sammy Jr. and Caleb.


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on 07.21.10 Terrie commented

God has been teaching me about complete reliance on Him for all my needs. My work load keeps getting cut back and my income is plummeting, yet all the bills get paid and God throws in surprise blessings along the way.

on 07.21.10 Janice Hornberger commented

I too accept what is in God's plan, but please tell me that Gene and Curt are not leaving. I was really bummed when Sonny and Denny left. It feels like family when they move across country. I have enjoyed Rachelle and think she will be an asset to FLN.
God Bless You.

on 07.21.10 Patty commented

I was able to talk to Rachelle this morning along with Kurt and Jean. know that she is going to be a big part of Family Life. I am so glad that she listened to the Lord and that her family moved here to become a perminent part of Family Life. I love all of you at Family Life. All of you really make me feel like I am part of The Family Life family. God bless all of you.

on 07.21.10 Evan commented

Welcome to the family!

on 09.03.10 Welcome... commented

I listen to the show every morning on my way to work, I thank God for the station because it is an added blessing to my life I am always encouraged by the music selection, the testimonies and the sometimes not so funny jokes in the morning...lol! Nevertheless, thank you and Rachelle is already adding flavor to family life, "salt of the earth" =)

on 09.06.10 earlene hall commented

i love your station. i love jesus , and all hes doing for your radio station. i dont want any other station , the song s you play, helps, me too.i lost my best friend , last year in nov .the songs you played , helped me, the biggest one was my lord, helped me through thank you so much for your music, i hope to meet you some day

on 09.12.10 abiding commented

i love this one to

on 01.16.12 Claudia commented

You mentioned a ministry your father started for people that are dealing with bipolar and other mental issues. One of my friend's daughter was recently diagnosed as bipolar and I'd like to direct her to a Christian website instead of the secular nonsense information. Please let me know what that website was? Thank you.