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Wow.  A different kind of afternoon.  Yeah, it’s still sticky and everyone’s still perfumed with that KB fragrance of sweat and varied sugary treats – but in this tent, things have been, well, different.  Today, we focused on ministry.

Don’t get me wrong, music ministers to people – big time. It takes us into the presence of God in a way that few things can.  But today we talked to people who are hands on, in the trenches laboring to bring healing to the world.  Reggie Dabbs working with youth.  Jill Kelly passionate about saving the lives of the unborn from devastating diseases. Let Them Laugh bringing fresh water to third world countries… and deliverance to victims of the sex slave trade.  Heavy stuff… hard stuff to hear maybe – but these guests are about so much more than bad news. They’re about hope. 

I get such tunnel vision. My own life seems so overwhelming at times that I lose perspective.  I rarely see the world as it really is… I rarely see it as God sees it. We are so incredibly favored by God – I mean, even to be free to come to a place like KB…

To worship without fear

To hear Christian music whenever I like

To work with and be surrounded by people who love God

To know I’ll go home to an air conditioner and Vitamin Water in the fridge…

It’s humbling.

There is so much in this world that’s off my radar… so much that shakes me out of the  “me” as the center of the universe mindset.  But I don’t want to slam on me or you. I just want to be more grateful for this amazing life God has given me… and I want to, I need to let Him pour His rivers of living water through everything I do. Thank you sooo much Father.  Thank you for Your immeasurable patience with this clay pot.

 Thank you… and keep reminding me that the world is so much bigger than my eyes can see.


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