Titusville Radio Rally!

02.20.09 | Comments[1]

Hear this audio experpt from Rick and Jeff about this rally!

On Monday, February 23rd at 7:00p.m., Family Life is resurrecting the phrase "RADIO RALLY" as we travel to Titusville, Pennsylvania and enjoy sharing with our friends and listeners in that area the exciting things God is doing here at the network.

A new possibility for a full-signal radio station now exists with the purchase of an existing Farmington Township construction permit!  The location of this station is at the top of German Hill, just outside of Tionesta, PA.  Because of the FCC stipulation on time allowed for the building of this station, we are quickly trying to raise funds.  The date the station
must be broadcasting by is May 26, 2009!

The event will be held at the Titusville Free Methodist Church (tfreechurch) just west of Titusville on Route 27.  (For those of you who own and trust your GPS units, type in 42490 State Highway 27, Titusville PA   16354). 

The coverage area, the initial stages of construction, and explanations of other fantastic possibilities will all be shared by our general manager and president, Rick Snavely.  Our director of operations, Jeff Harmon, as well as radio announcer Cecil VanHouten will be there to add to the program and share as well.

We hope you can join us!  We would love to meet you!


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on 02.23.09 Sherri Osborne commented

I'll be there! Whoo hooooo!!! :) See you tonight!