Things I've Learned This Week

04.17.11 | Cecil Van Houten | Comments[1]

Some things I’ve learned this week…

Baby chicks are soft and cuddly and holding one in your hands is a very calming experience.

When they say on the Toaster Strudel package to only use the oven to heat them, not the microwave, there’s a reason.  Listen to them.

Electronic gadgets are useful but the iPod Touch has so many apps I’m wondering if there’s an app to manage all the apps.  The nook is pretty handy too although I’ll always be a book guy.  There’s something about the tactile nature of holding a book in your hands and turning pages that appeals to me.  It’s part of the adventure of reading.

When someone invades your personal space – I don’t mean a little skirmish on the perimeter, I’m talking about a full frontal assault – it’s ok to start picking your nose.  I’m talking second knuckle.  If that isn’t enough, pretend to eat it.   

The average career of a player in the NFL is three and a half years.  The average NFL player salary is just under $1.8 million dollars a year.  Median household income in the US is right around $50,000 per year.  So in three and a half years the average American family earns $175,000 while the average NFL player earns 36 times as much, or $6.3 million dollars.  I don’t make as much money as they do, but the odds of getting my head taken off 16 Sundays out of the year are much lower.  I guess it’s a fair deal.  

Sometimes things have to get worse before they get worse.

We have two webcams for the live video stream during Sharathon.  One is a wide shot and the other is a close-up on the announcer desk.  It is inevitable…it is the gospel truth…that if you are eating, the camera with the close-up shot will be the one that’s live.  Thanks to cutting-edge technology, people around the world can watch us eat spaghetti, burritos and barbecued chicken.  Now that’s inspiring.

Mike Huckabee and Mrs. Butterworth – that’s a ticket I could get behind.

Many evangelicals in the last generation have mastered the ability to subtly “round off the edges” of truth, by redefining it, questioning its validity or mixing it with different strains of humanistic philosophy.  We make the gospel more about us than about God.  I’ve always believed that, hard as it is sometimes,  truth is sharp and clearly defined:  For the word of God is alive and powerful. It is sharper than the sharpest two-edged sword, cutting between soul and spirit, between joint and marrow. It exposes our innermost thoughts and desires.”  We round off the edges by allowing cultural influences to manipulate us and by substituting tolerance for truth.  And we, collectively, will pay for it.

Not as many people play April Fool’s jokes as they used to.  I’m guilty of it too.  Well, except for the one I played on the front office staff that they haven’t figured out yet.  Be careful when you open that file cabinet, Colleen!

I have a photographic memory – I just don’t have same day service.

I was pleased to learn that Catherine Middleton, soon to be wedded to Prince William, doesn’t care whether I call her Catherine or Kate.  Very nice of her although I’ll most likely never have the opportunity to call her anything.

Many Christians misattribute natural effects and random events to the work of the devil.  He’s got the greatest PR thing going; like a good magician, he keeps your attention focused on the thing that either isn’t real or really doesn’t matter, while his other hand is performing the trick.  So we end up tilting at windmills or going into the whole Christian-as-victim thing.  Neither is flattering or helpful.  Satan surely does “prowl around like a roaming lion looking for someone to devour”, but much of the time people of faith totally miss the subtle ways he works.  They're too busy screaming at the wind.

When you drink a lot of coffee it allows you to do meaningless things faster and with more energy.  I guess that’s good. 

Love is watching “When Harry Met Sally” with your wife…for the 27th time.

Only God knows the measure of our days.  It really is better that way.

Oh, and dogs really do rule.


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