The Brotherhood

08.03.10 | Comments[0]

There’s a fellowship that exists…  a unique  bond that unites people of all ages, all nationalities, all denominations.  It’s a bond that is unique to Kingdombound, and it’s called….. sweat.  Think of it as a brotherhood – or sisterhood – of stickiness, of limp hair, of dirt.  I call it Kingdom-grunge.

Seriously, it is very cool to be in a place where the overwhelming majority of people are here for one thing – to celebrate their God.  I know there’s probably an undercurrent of cynicism that surrounds an event like this.  All the weird hair, graphic tees, a multitude of products, and even the concerts themselves could appear to be nothing more than hype.  It’s easy to go there… but if you peel back the layers, you most often will find real people, real artists just loving God and wanting to be together to enjoy Him.  I’ve met a few of the artists as they’ve come for interviews, and you know what?  Everyone I’ve met is the real deal… just a brother or sister trying to offer their gifts to the Lord they love.  Very very cool.

Or very hot.  After all, this is Kingdombound!


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