Sophia Grace

10.28.10 | Cecil Van Houten | Comments[9]

I hold you in my arms for the first time and can’t believe how little you are.  I’m in awe, silenced by the overwhelming sense that I’m cradling a miracle, a gift of grace.  You fit perfectly, your head in the crook of my arm, your toes just reaching the tips of my fingers.  And so light…just 6 pounds and 13 ounces.  Tiny fingers wrapped around mine…wispy brown tufts of hair, and so soft.  I’d forgotten how soft a newborn’s skin is.

Emerging from a dreamy sleep, you ever so slowly open your eyes.  First the left, just a tiny slit.  Then the right.  After a few moments both eyes open widely as you take in your surroundings.  Or at least it appears that’s what you’re doing.  But really, you don’t even know what “surroundings” are, do you?  All you know is laying down in your crib or being held.  That’s ok.  I guess soft, warm blankets and loving arms are a pretty good way to start a new life.

You make little noises, not crying or cooing but just little infant sounds.  And you wiggle under the blanket.  I look into your blue eyes and wonder, so who are you?  Who will you become?  What will this life bring you?  And what will life require of you?

Such big questions for such a little girl.  And so soon.  After all, you only arrived in this brave new world four days ago.  But is it too soon to ask what your life will become?  Because beyond the immediacy of your next feeding or dirty diaper, there is an entire world of possibility and hope that lies before you.  And life begins right now.  Every choice matters.   Decisions made today will affect your life later.  For years you’ll be dependent on others to do that for you – mom and dad, your grandparents and others who will care for and help influence your young life.  But as you grow, and you will, quickly, you’ll be responsible for who you become.   Oh, we’ll still be there to guide you, to support you and, at times, to let you learn from your mistakes.  But you will always be loved.  By God and by us.

A whispered prayer.  “God, protect this child and draw her to yourself that she would know your love and follow your ways.  Amen.”

Your eyes close.  I kiss your forehead.  A big stretch and a little yawn.  Back to sleep already?  That’s ok, but maybe I’ll hold you for just a minute longer.  Questions can wait for a little while.  You open your eyes, lazily, looking up at the stranger whose arms you’re resting in.  I gaze down at you, still awestruck.  “Good night, Sophia Grace.  Grandpa and grandma love you.”


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on 10.28.10 Mary from St Marys, PA commented

Ah, Cecil...Congratulations!! You write of such love that I hope Sophia Grace will be able to read this someday. God is so good, isn't He?

on 10.28.10 Randy Negley, (your Southern Gospel friend) commented

Cecil, That is wonderful!! Isn't grandparenting just heaven on earth? You truly are blessed and I do believe that Sophia Grace too has been given a blessed gift in a godly grandpa. Enjoy !

on 10.28.10 Debbi commented

Congratulations. I hope you'll print this out and put it in her baby book. Then she'll know how loved she is, her entire life.

on 10.28.10 Debbi commented

Congratulations. I hope you'll print this out and put it in her baby book. Then she'll know how loved she is, her entire life.

on 10.29.10 Amy commented

What a wonderful blog! It is so amazing when God creates a new life and we get to hold it in our hands. Especially this time of year with Christmas coming and the birth of Jesus, can you imagine what it must have been like for Mary and Joseph to hold the baby and know He was the Son of God? Thanks for writing this. God's blessings to you and your family.

on 10.29.10 Leslie commented

Cecil, this is beautiful. When I held my baby the first time it was the most unbelievable moment of my life. You're right, it's a miracle of grace. Thank you for sharing this special time with your radio family.

on 11.01.10 Bekah commented

Thank you for sharing your heart. I pray you and your family will be blessed for many years to come with Sophia Grace.

on 11.02.10 Bill Kamberg commented

You are sooo eloquent, Cecil! Congratulations on being a Grandpa to the beautiful of whom you speak so lovingly. Enjoy, my friend.


Bill K

on 11.03.10 Sarah from Ithaca commented

God's most amazing gift is children and I'm so glad to hear of your new addition! I pray you and your family will be blessed beyond measure with your granddaughter. I love her name! Blessings, Sarah