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12.04.09 | Robert Farrell | Comments[10]


While most sophomoric attempts are hurried to promote a band’s fast growing success and sell records; Flyleaf has decided to take a different route. To state it plainly: This second attempt from one of Christian music’s most successful crossovers will become one of the best secondary albums of 2009. We have seen time and time again, band after band, release a second record to have it become a let-down from their previous success; not in “Momentos” case

Since Flyleaf’s breakthrough onto the scene in 2005, they have won the hearts of church and non- church kids alike. “Momento Mori” delivers 20 tracks of high power music and the production is of high-quality. The first track “Beautiful Bride” conveys the musician’s diversity in arrangement. The ability to thrash into the record immediately where their first one left off; then to hear Lacey Mosley travel into a melodic “hallelujah” could send the most unchurched soul into a spiritual whirlwind.

Journeying through the record, the listener can hear influences of King’s X, Red Hot Chili Peppers, which proves that the members of Flyleaf have an extended record collection. Mid-way through the record, the song “Tiny Heart” takes a spin to pop-friendly radio. With 4 years between releases, Flyleaf has decided to put out a record with 20 tracks (on the extended edition). With the attention spans of most listeners being minimized over the years with albums of 8-11 songs, and usually an E.P to follow-up, the length may be the shortcoming of the record. To lose the attention of the listener by having no specific song stand out may affect the chance to be played over and over again.

The songs “Treasure” and especially my personal favorite “Arise” will keep a diehard listener coming back to this record and even possibly to a tour date or two this winter. Flyleaf is grasping at hope straws as Lacie beautifully sings lines such as “Hold On, to the world we all remember fighting for, there is some strength left in us yet.” Whatever may be going on in the world, the brains of the members of Flyleaf, or my life, listening to Mosley sing about the end of the world is incredibly soothing.

Stars: 4/5

Favorite Track: Arise / You can check out Flyleaf at


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on 12.17.09 John commented

Yeah, its nice to hear somewhat progressive music today. great album.

on 12.16.09 Melanie Fry commented

If it hadn't been for Ground Force Network I never would have heard of this band. I'm enjoying listening to a new band and somebody that is different from what I am used to. I really like "So I Thought" off of the new album. Check them out at

on 12.03.09 Ian M commented

Thank you so much for reviewing this! I just got this for my dad (he loves Flyleaf), and I think he will like it.

on 12.04.09 Don commented

I spend too much time in my writer's life. I really need to get out more often. Music has been on a back burner for me, and I will have to get up out of my comfortable seat and see what else is out there in the world of Christian music. This was a well crafted review, my friend.

on 12.04.09 Chad Windangle commented

Very nice review. I downloaded Memento Mori the day it was available and I fell in love with it. I'm so happy they chose to be more upfront with their faith in this album. Beautiful Bride speaks their message clearly, communicating the importance of the Body of Christ, it's a great message for all believers.

Glad to see FLN into reviews too, this is great!

on 12.08.09 Andy commented

Great review, dude. Awesome job, Bob. This sounds like a really great album. I think "Again" is a really good song. I listen to it everytime it's on the radio.

on 12.18.09 amccalli commented

I listened to their video "Again" on YouTube, and I loved it. The sound is awesome, and I loved the song.

on 12.28.09 sheldon commented

thts kool

on 11.28.14 Carl Phelan commented

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