Random Acts of Love

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The start of a New Year is a good time to show the love of Jesus to the world around you. It's not just what we say, but what we do, that shows them how much God loves them. Download the cards below and print them. Then, begin loving those around you. It might be a sweet note, or a cup of coffee delivered. And be sure to let us know how you're loving people, and how they react to it! Let's make this the year of God's love!









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on 12.18.13 June Dyke commented

This sounds interesting.I think I will participate. Can't wait to see what God will do. An idea I had is to buy a bouquet of flowers and hand them out to random people.

on 12.18.13 Judi Hughes commented

My 13 yo son and I have recently been on the receiving end of RAOL (Random Acts of Love)! Someone from our Church family bought us a "pre-owned luxury vehicle," which, in a spirit of loving thankfulness, we have named EBENEZER INFINITI; this selfless act ended our month-long "vacation from car ownership," cause by our ancient car finally giving out. Among the CHRISTmas cards received recently was an unsigned card with a generous gift inside, and another with a grocery store gift card. These overpowering gifts of love have humbled us greatly. If this is how our Brothers and Sisters treat us here on Earth, the love of our Abba/Daddy and His Son is unfathomable. As I was told by a dear, wise, Godly friend after my Beloved's death - "Remember, the love you and Ray had was SO GREAT, God manifested it in your child. The love you feel for Ray and Joe is but a microscopic fragment of God's love for all three of you! Rejoice that Ray is reveling in the Everlasting wonder of God's Presence and Love!" What a wondrous God we have! What a wondrous Lord and Savior! As we can NEVER, EVER repay the gifts, temporal and spiritual, which we have received, we are compelled to pay them forward. Last year, we started a new CHRISTmas tradition; we selected a decorated box, cut a slit in the top, and on slips of paper, we listed various acts of love performed for others. On Christmas Eve, after celebrating His Wondrous Birth, we will offer these, upon a small fire, as our birthday gift to the Babe. As the smoke wafts toward Heaven, we will pray they are a pleasing offering to our God! This coming year, we can use the printable cards, and join with a larger group of our Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

on 12.29.13 the awesome man commented

the bomb:)

on 12.31.13 Wendy commented

I love this idea. I try doing little things like this for strangers! Happy New Year!

on 01.04.14 Myranda commented

I absolutely love this. God Bless!

on 01.07.14 Sonja commented

This is WONDERFUL! I'm very excited to do these Random Acts of Love. Will be getting my whole family involved. Thank you Family Life. God Bless You for your ministry.

on 01.15.14 Doreen Ross commented

Love this idea, just printed a whole bunch and today is the first day! So blessed by God and all his grace and mercy. How can we not give back and be His Hands and feet to others. To God be the Glory!!

on 01.16.14 Joy commented

When driving through fast food line, tell the cashier that you'll pay for the next car. Makes me smile.

on 01.23.14 Debbie Lane commented

I think for Valentines Day, I will print these out full page size for my Sunday School class (K-2nd Grade) and have them pick out someone they can do a random act of kindness for. Then attach the smaller ones to it so that person hand out to someone else, so they can pay it forward!

on 01.24.14 Sylvia James commented

Family Life,I have been so truly blessed having you as my family!!! Thank's be to our God in Heaven & on earth. Al though it's a little trying to print out card's my lap top freezes up a lot as i don't have a printer as well. I still tell people Jesus Loves them.
God has Blessed your ministry so much! I've seen it through the years. You all work so hard for the Lord,i am sure it's fun & does not feel like work. :) One thing also i miss Carmen Wood,may God be with him & family. I listen everyday! I Love You, in Christ Jesus.

on 01.25.14 Tara Stuart commented

When I was visiting NY recently I discovered your radio station. I am now home scoping out your web page and what a Blessing!! You have been a blessing too me. I lost my mother Christmas morn 2013 and you all have uplifted me and made the healing process a little easier. Thank you.

on 01.26.14 alori wolf commented

several months ago I was grocery shopping and on my way into the store and elderly women pushing her cart to her car caught my eye. At the time I wasn't sure why but I walked up to her and simply asked her if she would like me to return the cart to the store. Her face lit up and she was so greatfull. I helped her unload her few bags wished her a great day and returned the cart to the store. I didn't think much more about it while I shopped. I finished up and walked out of the store I happened to glance at the spot she was parked in and then I saw she was parked in a handicap parking spot. I had no clue of this because I never shop at that store. I was changed forever by that moment. God had put me at the right store at the right moment to touch a life and I had no clue. I unknowingly helped a women who needed it more then I knew at the time. Thank you God. please never think one act goes unnoticed and always know God puts great kindness in our hearts we should always use it. God bless.

on 01.27.14 sherry spencer commented

Great idea.

on 02.12.14 Bonnie S. commented

I am so blessed when I random acts.when some smiles back at you it's a warm and wonderful feeling. God has truly blessed me by giving me that opportunity.

on 02.20.14 sherry spencer commented

I am very blessed listening your radio station. Thank you.

on 04.09.14 sandy commented

Last week I needed gas in my car and pre paid $40. As I was pumping the gas, I found I could only put in $35. And was unable to get another drop in. Another car pullef in opposite of me. I asked "would you like some free gas?" The look on his face was priceless! I handed him the nozzle and said "do you know God loves you..really loves you?" He thanked me and I left feeling my heart would burst at this small opportunity to bless domeone with God's love.

on 05.17.14 sherry commented

i am so very blessed with the music ect.

on 08.19.14 Julie & Bob commented

on 08.23.14 sherry commented

I am very blessed with the music,an the staff that work there.i give all the glory to GOD for all of you.

on 09.09.14 nabria commented

i love fln