Providing...through Pennies

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It started innocently enough.  There is a crystal bowl we received as a wedding gift.  I never know what to do with things like that.  "What's its purpose?" I thought.  So it became a collection spot, for coins and small trinkets.  If it was in my pocket, or on my dresser, and didn't have a place, in it went.  And it's been that way for years.

Last week, I gave away my Women's Study Bible.  It was a Lord-led thing.  But the very next day, I missed it.  Did I need another?  No way.  I have several other bibles.  Still, my husband said "Just order another one."  Sure, we probably have some extra money for that, but I just didn't have a peace about going online, ordering a bible and putting it on a card.  It was a want, not a need.

Go back to the week before that.  I had the most frustrating green bean canning session.  No matter how I tried, I couldn't get my canner to build pressure.  More water, less water, oiled the ring, flipped the ring.  Nothing.  Eventually, I called my mother.  She brought over her canner and finished the batch for me.  So add "canner ring" to my shopping list.  Another purchase I didn't feel good making, so I put it off.

Now, back to that crystal bowl.  Out of the blue this past weekend, Ashley says, "Mom, can we take that dish of change you have to the coin counting machine at Wegmans and see how much is in it?"  "Okay," I thought, "That'll be fun!"  Scott mentioned he had some change too and we could add it to the batch.

We ended up with a quart sized bag of coins.  It weighed 10 pounds.  I was hoping I'd have enough to pay for most of the bible I wanted.  So, we loaded the money, and watched the total go up.  $25...$50...$75...$100!  
"Ashley, watch this!"  I said, watching the total accelerate.  The grand total:  $131.28. 

Now, I could have cashed it out, for a 5% fee, or just converted it to a gift card, with no penalty.  I opted for an Amazon gift card and came home and ordered my bible.  In fact, I splurged a little extra and bought the same one I had, but with a prettier cover.  Yesterday, the light bulb went off and I searched "canner rings" on Amazon.  Sure enough, they have those there too.  Ashley's birthday is a couple weeks.  I bet I can find something for a 10 year old on there.  And who know what else our household will have a need for that I'll be able to pay for with that gift card. 

I just think it's so neat that God provided with money He had already given me!  It was right in front of me the whole time.  He provided through pennies...and nickels...and dimes and quarters too.  How many little blessings like that do I overlook each day?  What has He already given me that I take for granted?  I'll be keeping my eyes open, that's for sure!


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on 09.14.11 Debbie Peters commented

Thanks Terese,
Need that shot in the arm, having back problems and I was concerned about how we are going to pay for Doctor bills, God all ways provides! Love ya!