One Of Those Days

01.07.10 | Cecil Van Houten | Comments[5]

Today has been one of those days.  You know the kind I mean.  It doesn't matter if you're a housewife or a nuclear physicist - you have those days where nothing goes according to your plans and you feel like you're being tossed around on an angry sea of uncontrolled activity.

It actually began last night with some changes in scheduling that were going to affect my day today.  Then this morning, despite getting into the office by 7, it took ninety minutes to get caught up on e-mails because I was in off-campus meetings all day yesterday.  That was followed by some unplanned production work that had to be done, a meeting that had to be added to the calendar and a phone call that ended up leading to a half hour's worth of research on a project - that isn't even mine.  Finally now, at 12:15, I'm starting to do my work for the day.  And this blog isn't part of that either.

But as I'm spending a few quiet moments sitting at my desk, Sinatra crooning in the background, it occured to me - "my" work?  "my" day?  What am I thinking?  So I'm taking a few minutes to jot down some thoughts - I'm not going to count it against my schedule - and hope that they speak to you in the busyness of your day.  

If you know me, you know I'm anything but a Type A personality.  Yes, at times I'm very focused and driven but I'm also very balanced between work and play.  I try to be organized and efficient but some days I need to be reminded that, despite my good intentions, it isn't all just about my schedule or agenda. 

There are different kinds of change - the word can be used as a verb or a noun - but it invariably involves a modification or alteration of some sort.  I always appreciated the line Walter Matthau's character (Max Goldman) grouses in the film, "Grumpier Old Men" - that he doesn't like change "because nothing ever changes for the better."  While there's a kind of knowing familiarity with the thought he's expressing, it's a bit too cynical for me.  Because on the daily level where we live and move and have our being, change can be a positive thing even though it's often disguised as a negative.

Change pulls us away from ourselves, from the focus being solely on us.  Change makes us contemplate the needs of others and the fact that we're all here to help each other.  Change means that life can still surprise us - hopefully in more good ways than bad - but it is change that propels us through what would otherwise be the daily mundacity of life.  So as much as it can throw us off-schedule by several hours or increase pressure - because nothing has changed in my own workload - it can still be a healthy, productive thing.

So that's my thought for the day.  Don't let change bother you or intimidate you or frustrate you - it's not worth it.  And there's nothing you can do about it anyway. 

Blessings on your day - changes and all.  OK, it's 12:35 - I've got stuff to do.  


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on 01.09.10 Charlene commented

I had to laugh because my Friday was just like your day but in the end the Lord worked everything out and I learned (again!) that He's always in control. Thanks for making me think and laugh.


on 01.13.10 Jim R. commented

Some days I don't understand what the Lord is doing but I know He's doing something more than I can see. I just have to remember that at the time!

on 01.12.10 Jack L. commented

I had one of those days today. It seemed like a Monday but it was Tuesday. My car died on the way to work and my cell phone didn't work where I was so it was a bad start to the day. But you're right, God orders everything and by lunchtime my car was fixed and my phone was working normally. We just have to not get so worked up about things and let God be God. Thanks.

on 01.14.10 Kristen commented

Your blog made me laugh but it's true. How often do I get so wrapped up in my day that I forget the Lord is still in control? Sometimes I don't understand what He's trying to teach me and it's hard when you don't learn that for awhile. But then it just pops into my head and I say Oh, OK Lord, now I get it! Changes are ok we just have to remember that the Lord is even in the changes.

on 02.03.10 Debbie commented

You made my day because I can SOOO relate! However, I did think about some of the things you said at the beginning of your blog about not getting "your job" done. I've felt like that some days and then realized that the job I have includes whatever comes my way during the day. So you WERE certainly doing your job, just not your own To Do list. And your ultimate supervisor, The Lord of Hosts, wants you to work for Him, no matter what.

So you did good, Cecil!