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06.18.09 | Cecil Van Houten | Comments[3]

One program announcement and two cool things I came across this week - thought you might be interested.  One is a new record from a great, underrated artist by the name of Mike Farris.  Not familiar with him?  I'm not surprised if you're not.  His debut record a couple of years ago ("Salvation In Lights") was, IMHO, the best indie Christian release of 2007 - rootsy, bluesy, raw and real.  His recently-released live album, cut at the historic Nashville Station club, features great playing and storytelling with lots of southern soul.  If you like your music raw, full of passion and soulful, check it out at http://www.mikefarrismusic.net/news.php.

As an avid internet user, I've been a little bored lately with the lack of new apps and interactive websites.  One original idea and a hundred lesser copies.  Well, I came across something earlier this week while Googling for an online thesaurus.  It's a very cool tool, especially for wordsmiths and people who just enjoy the language.  It's www.visualthesaurus.com, an amazingly intuitive site that not only provides the history and definition of words, but their context, synonyms, antonymns and usage in a visual presentation that is truly engaging.  The 'Thinkmap' software anticipates what you're going to want to know about a word and puts it all visually on the screen.  Anyone who enjoys language or linguistics should definitely check this out.  At twenty bucks a year for an online subscription it could provide hours of helpful information for writers and researchers and a lot of fun too. 

Lastly, you may have noticed Family Life Today is no longer in our evening lineup.  Beginning next Tuesday, June 23rd, we'll be adding the daily edition of Truth For Life with Alistair Begg.  We've had incredible response to the weekend version which we added last month (Sundays at 7 pm).  In the daily programs, Alistair will do in-depth, expository teaching on different topics, enriched by his many years as a student of the Word.  Look for it weeknights at 8 pm starting next Tuesday.

Have a great week!


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on 06.30.09 Mike P commented

Why did Family Life Today get cut from the evening lineup? Also, what ever happened to Money Matters. I really liked Howard and that program in general.

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